Joyce Ernyes- AuthorJoyce Ernyes, Author

JOYCE ERNYES was born in a small gold mining town in southwestern Quebec. The family home was located in a “suburb” of the town and less than a stone’s throw from the banks of “mighty” Mud Lake. As an only child, most of her time was divided between helping her mother with traditional little girl chores around the house and being outdoors with her father learning such things as how to paddle a canoe or cast a fishing rod without snagging anything unintended –– especially the dog.

Having no siblings to share her home she gave her pet companions human names. The cat was named Doris and the dog was Bailey although Bailey would respond to any name so long as he could accompany Joyce.

The entire household moved to North Bay, Ontario when Joyce was a preteen and although she subsequently lived for longer periods of time in both Montreal and Vancouver, she still fondly refers to North Bay as “my home town.”

Much of Joyce’s adult life has been spent travelling the world, both as a flight attendant and as a tourist. Despite an all too close encounter with a charging rhino in Tanzania and an even closer encounter with elephants in Uganda, Africa remains a treasured place in her memory. Sadly, many of the magnificent animals she observed in Africa are now on a long list of endangered species.

Joyce has always had a fondness for animals and has been involved for many years with various organizations dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Currently the only family pet is Sugar, who was the inspiration for Joyce’s first book Letters From Sugar. Joyce and her family now live in New Lowell, Ontario.



Leslie- IllustratorLesley Bergen,  Illustrator

LESLEY BERGEN realized her love of art at an early age. Her illustrations and artwork focus primarily on drawing and painting domestic interiors. Lesley works in acrylics, pen and ink as well as digital art. She lives with her family in Calgary, Alberta. To learn more about Lesley and her art, visit her website,





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